How to make friends: Volume 2: Pandemic Edition

A little while ago, I provided some ideas for how to make friends as an adult. These ideas weren’t pandemic-safe, but I was trying to give you a head start on how to make up for the friends we’re all losing the longer this goes on.

It goes on. And on. I guess we might need some pointers on how to make friends while it goes on. Here are my offerings:

  1. I don’t know.
  2. I literally don’t know.
  3. I think it may be impossible.
  4. I’ve started DMing strangers whose Content I like because I am losing it.
  5. Sometimes they “like” my DM and it’s like omg! I did it! I made a friend! Or I’ll tell Ian about something that someone I don’t know posted, and then I realize that this isn’t real life.
  6. I think you have to get a puppy. It’s the only way. And then at least you have a puppy friend if not a new human friend.
  7. Befriend yourself. Talk out loud to yourself. (Ted talk shower meme). Crack yourself up. Ask yourself what you really, really, really want to eat for dinner, and don’t take “I don’t know” for an answer. Get to know yourself with compassionate curiosity. Wear extremely comfortable clothes. Ask yourself what you most want to do once you can do what you want. Turn your camera off during meetings if you want. You’ve got a friend for life.

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