Productivity tips: multitask anyway


Multitasking is a myth. It’s very important to understand that no one is physically able to multitask. All we are able to do is switch tasks very quickly and very inefficiently, which provides the illusion of multitasking and also wastes time and attention.

Try to multitask anyway. It’ll probably work.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Start Task A
  2. Task B would help you do Task A more pleasantly. Start Task B.
  3. Remember with a gasp that Task C is pressing. Start Task C. Now you’re walking around literally half-dressed but Task C is very important.
  4. Arrive at a stopping point with Task C, where someone else must provide input.
  5. Return to Task A. Get close to completion.
  6. Task C’s collaborator responds. Finish Task C.
  7. Start Task D, a natural sequel to Task C.
  8. Oh my God Task B is ON FIRE
  9. Start Task E (fire insurance claim)

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