Before I give you my theories on theories,

A history:

Just watch. Trump is going to get fewer votes than Biden.

Watch: the president who lost the popular vote by three million and then had consistently the lowest approval rating for his entire term is going to magically “get many millions fewer votes than his opponent, including in critical states, and will lose the election as a result.”

Can you believe this stuff!

And just watch: the media is saying that there will be a “red mirage” on election night because Republicans have insisted that we can’t count votes until polls close (in order to create a red mirage). And watch: this will happen! Just as the media says it will!

This proves that the media lies.

Watch: Trump is going to lose every case he brings trying to prove that he won the election. This proves only that it’s all rigged, even (especially!) the Supreme Court he appointed one-third of.

It’s amazing how low they’ll go. They make it look so lifelike. The whole sham looks almost precisely like a non-sham. Truly devious.

Then, just watch: Biden is going to be adequate. He’s going to do an okay job at his job. Yeah, this stuff is tricksy.

And meanwhile, watch and see for yourselves: Trump is going to continue to “embarrass himself” with the things that he does and says.



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