2021 goals

In case you’re looking for inspiration, I made some sample 2021 resolutions:

  • Finally remember the password to that one bank account. Consider checking the balance.
  • Reduce the house plant death count (Story time: I think I killed four of mine in 2020. Two orchids I basically ripped apart with some flush of Hulk strength while trying to water them, and this is especially sad as I was watching them for a friend (sorry Elizabeth); and the spider plant and the Bolivian Wandering Jew decided they had been miserable for long enough and I clearly didn’t understand their needs, maybe I didn’t even want to understand their needs, and they were finally going. So this year my plan is to kill three or fewer.)
  • Meditate without playing Sudoku
  • Read that book you have been meaning to since you borrowed it from a friend in 2009
  • Follow your laundry’s care instructions
  • Get the vaccine
  • Eat more soup
  • Eat less soup
  • Brush teeth before noon
  • Stop reading the comments
  • Unpack that one box of random stuff from the last time(s) you moved

Hopefully those give you something to work with!

In seriousness, here’s what I plan for 2021:

  • Do one thing at a time
  • Speed up 5k running pace by 2 minutes per mile
  • Journal by hand 5 times a week
  • Keep writing Book Three

What are your intentions for this new year?

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