A Christmas crossroads

It’s Christmas night. ⠀

A choice now stands before you.⠀

If you are totally done—whether because you’re overwhelmed, sad, broke, lonely, furious, hung over, stuffed to the gills, or sick to death of sleigh-bell songs—you may be done. Take down the lights, heave the tree to the curb, turn on normal music, avoid wearing red for a few months. You made it! Congratulations!⠀

Or, if you’re not done—if you feel like you haven’t gotten your fill of Christmas movies or songs, or you have tons of treats left to eat, or you love how the lights look in the deepest dark of winter, or the festive trimmings make you feel better in a hard time, or you are so close to some insight about the nature of divine incarnation—I have great news. You’re just getting started! All the “Christmas” you had before yesterday was a heretical bonus. Christmas has just started today, and it’s twelve days long, so feel free to kick up your feet and get settled in. ⠀

In case you’re wondering, I’m in the second camp, and I don’t plan to take down the lights maybe ever, but I anticipate the Christmas-music hangover to set in pretty shortly.

Wherever you are, I send love and best wishes. Be kind to yourself and to others.

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