The Dustbin

Some of my ideas weren’t ready for prime time (or, perhaps, I am still not ready for them).

Witness some blog post ideas I wrote down for myself, ever so helpfully, at some point in the last year and a half or so:

  • Crickets: do they sleep?

Truly no idea where I was going with this.

  • Why do we care about who actors are? I’m enchanted by F. Murray Abraham, Jude Law. I google their personal lives while I watch them pretend to be other people.

This is a true fact but not a terribly interesting one. While I watch TV I tend to compulsively Google the actors and scroll down reliably to the “Personal Life” portion of their Wikipedia page. I get some bizarre kick out of knowing all about their romantic lives, their addictions. Meanwhile, I often find Ian beside me scrolling through the same person’s IMDB page to find out what he recognizes them from. Different strokes.

  • Thoughts 
    1. Thought 1: everyone is doing their best
    2. It may not appear this way
    3. We don’t know what their best is
    4. Let’s therefore assume they’re doing their best, with whatever staggering limitations they may, admittedly, suffer from. 
    5. (But this is my problem: I hate villains. Not in the sense that I boo and hiss at them, but in the sense that I cannot bring myself to write or imagine one)
    6. Sigh 

Now, this one is just mystifying. An incoherent list entitled only “thoughts”? The first half looks like the beginnings of a sermon about assuming the best of people, and then it turns into some reflection on how I don’t like to get in the head of villains. What? We’ll never know.

  • Jobs that might not exist but that I’d be good at 
    1. Traffic/parking sign editor
    2. Gah there was another one and it was so good but I didn’t write it down last night, more fool me 
    3. Editing influencers’ content
    4. Really obscure crossover content generator:

On that last one, I ended with a colon. I think this means I was about to include a funny list within a list, but, alas, I became distracted, and that is the death of the idea. And on point 2, I do remember cracking myself up at an example I’d thought of but, because I did not immediately write it down, it evaporated forever.

Indeed, distractions are many these days. I have just finished baking a pecan pie for tomorrow’s minuscule Thanksgiving, which will consist of far too much food for just two people. I am (as usual) sitting next to the book I’m reading, which is far too scary to read at bedtime, yet which I struggle to read before bedtime because there’s so much Internet to scroll.

Ah, well.

I will continue to keep my little lists. One never knows when one might have its time to shine.

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